Japanese rituals on a construction site in Amsterdam - The Art of Blending Cultures

Hotel Okura Amsterdam

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While a crowd of journalists, employees and local residents watch in awe, a colourfully dressed Japanese Shinto priest performs all kinds of traditional rituals. In a small temple adorned with bunches of bananas, which was built specially for the occasion, the priest asks the kami, Japanese spirits of nature, to bring good luck and prosperity for the hotel by offering them fruit and wine. And to rid the ground of negative forces, a small hole is dug to pour water into. But not just any water; holy water from Mount Fuji, which arrived at Schiphol the day before on a direct KLM flight. Mount Fuji is an important symbol in Japanese culture. The iconic, snow-covered peak, which on clear days can be seen as far away as Tokyo, has for centuries been a place of pilgrimage and inspiration for Japanese people all over the world.

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