The story of the Art of Okura

Hotel Okura Amsterdam

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It’s our anniversary.
We are celebrating 50 years of Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

That’s 50 years of genuine gratefulness.
And thoughtful service.

Of special relationships.
And blending cultures.

Of pursuing perfection and devotion to detail.
Always with a personal touch.
And discretionary attention.

We celebrate every quality of the hotel.
From suites to cuisine.
Because we’re doing the small things with great love.
And with sincere gratitude.

And that … that’s art.
The Art of Okura.
Presented with a modest sense of pride.
In the spirit of Omotenashi.
With caring from the heart.

The Art of Okura is our way of welcoming you.
To make you feel special.

It’s the wow and the wonder.
It’s experiencing the exquisite.

So let’s celebrate.

Let’s celebrate the Art of Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

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